Bulk Order Terms and Conditions

Flexible Discounts

The Comfort Theory (TCT) may provide discounts on bulk orders, determined by factors such as order size, product selection, location, and seasonality. These discounts, subject to TCT's discretion, are not guaranteed and may vary.


Availability Assurance

While TCT cannot guarantee availability of all styles and units at order placement, we commit to collaborating with the Buyer. In cases of unavailability, suitable alternatives will be explored, or a refund for the unavailable items will be offered.


Payment and Ownership

Orders process upon full payment receipt by TCT. Ownership of products transfers to the Buyer upon delivery.

Intended Purpose Transparency

Buyers are required to disclose in writing the intended use of ordered products. TCT reserves the right to accept or reject orders based on the proposed use. Buyers agree to use products in accordance with their submitted intended use, refraining from copying, reselling, or supplying products outside their organization without approval.

Intellectual Property Acknowledgment

Buyers recognize TCT's ownership of past, present, and future intellectual property rights related to the products, encompassing copyright, trademarks, design rights, database rights, and more.

Shipping Responsibilities

Buyers are accountable for all shipping and duties costs. TCT is not liable for delivery delays due to changing circumstances.

Return Policy

Bulk orders are final sale, with exceptions for faulty products following standard statutory rules. TCT offers refunds or exchanges for faulty products, excluding customised items.