How to measure your bra size?

No matter what size you are, feeling confident in your skin and choosing the perfect bra size is very important.

Choosing the perfect bra size can be a little tricky. Typically a bra size is determined by two aspects, one is the band size and other one is the cup size.

Note that the band size also plays a role in determining the correct bra size.  '

How to measure your band size?

You can easily measure your band size with a measuring tape, all you need to do is measure around your back and under your bust. Round the number up to the closest even number in inches, that would be your band size 

How to measure your cup size?

Measure around your chest, just under your breasts, and then measure around the fullest part of your breasts. The difference between these two measurements will give you an idea of your cup size.

Bra size charts vary depending on the country and brand. However, here is a general size chart for bra cup sizes in US and UK:
US Cup Size UK Cup Size Bust Measurement (inches)
AA AA Less than 1 inch
A A 1 inch
B B 2 inches
C C 3 inches
D D 4 inches
DD/E DD 5 inches
DDD/F E 6 inches
G F 7 inches
H FF 8 inches
I G 9 inches  

Choosing the right bra size is the first thing for a comfortable bra. One thing about bra's is they don't last forever, as your body changes its time to listen to your body, measure yourself again, adapt and throw it off. If you are not measuring yourself correct, thats the sure sign for you to start bra shopping.
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